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Monday, June 20, 2011


hello and hye everyone
*serious mode*
it's regarding your 10% online quizzes
it is as simple as this;
you need to answer 6 different quizzes and submit to me!
as simple as that.
but what makes it complicated is that there are duration for each quiz

QUIZ ONE: 13/6/2011 - 26/6/2011
QUIZ TWO: 27/6/2011 - 10/7/2011
QUIZ THREE: 11/7/2011 24/7/2011
QUIZ FOUR: 25/7/2011 - 7/8/2011
QUIZ FIVE: 8/8/2011 - 21/8/2011
QUIZ SIX: 22/8/2011 - 11/9/2011

you need to answer each quiz according to the duration!

go to i-learn 
than choose your code BEL120 BEL260 BEL311 
than click announcement
and look post that posted by  APB Materials Development Team
im sure you'll find those quizzes

how to submit?
you need to print your quizzes and submit it on 14th September 2011
you need to print screen and paste it on word.
one quiz, one page
therefore you'll have 6 different pages for this quiz!

this is before you start the quiz

this result will appear after you end your quiz
paste it on word
wait until you have answered those six quizzes than you submit to me

*don't forget to answer your ENTRANCE SURVEY as well!!


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