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Friday, June 24, 2011

Grammar Presentations (AS1201B1)

group 1
topic: Pronouns
Fatin Nabilah Bt Saiful Bahar
Fatimah Bt Abdul Wahab

group 2
topic: Articles and Determiners
Fatin Aqilah Bt Ahmad Puad
Fathin Kamelia Juara Bt Che Sulaiman

Group 3
topic: Adjectives
Emir Saddiq Bin Mohmad Salam
Shahrul Jasnizam Bin Chasrodin

Group 4
topic: Adverbs
Amirul Amri Bin Othman
Sabirin Bin Mustafa

Group 5
topic: Prepositions
Fatimah Bt Zulkiflee
Farah Nabiha Bt Md Zain

Group 6
topic: Prepositions
Muhammad Syamim Bin Abdul Salam

Group 7
topic: Conjuctions
Farah Nadhirah Bt. Lokman Hakim
Farhanah Bt. Jarkasi

Group 8
topic: Verbs, Past Continuous Tense
Amiruddin Bin Mokhtar
Ridhwan Bin Rusdi

Group 9
topic: Simple Past Tense, Simple Future Tense
Fatin Hidayah Bt. Norkam
Fatin Nuratiqa Bt. Mohd Fauzi
Fatin Nordiyana Atiqah Bt. Md Azmi

Group 10
topic: Simple Present Tense
Fatin Asyilah Bt. Abd Halim
Farahiyah Najah Bt. Ab. Samad

Group 11
topic: Present Continuous Tense
Fatihin Bt. Tahiran
Nur Amirah Bt. Tarmizi

Group 12
topic: Future Continuous Tense
Fatin Nadhira Bt. Noorhizam
Fatin Nabilah Bt. Sazman

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Final Topic for Academic Writing

my babies will soon come out with creative and informative writing for their project.
interested to know what will it be?
come and take a look at their topic peeps :)

*so students of AT1102D1, this is where you should post your FINAL topic of your A.W (Academic Writing)
let the world hears you! this is the time for you to make them aware that you are serious about this and will come out with an interesting topic 
maybe you can be a writer one day :) 
all the best for me my dear part 3 students

*DO update me with any changes!please post your topic ASAP :)


Monday, June 20, 2011

reading is a good habit

assalammualaikum w.b.t my dear students
i know some of you HATE reading
and it won't just come naturally if I don't make it compulsory for all of you
still remember the NILAM programme that we used to have back in school?
so that is basically the idea
BUT what you have to do this semester is slightly different and a bit more challenging
you need to read, and think than review/critiques 
i don't mind how many pages you wish to critique as long as the reading process is progressing

so let say the first week:
you post the TITTLE and what is your EXPECTATION regarding the book
or maybe WHY you choose that book? 
you know i'm not that stupid or loser or innocent right??
duhhh -,-'

so the second week:
you might want to share what you have read.
maybe you want to critique on the first few pages on what you have read
eg: tell about the character, is it a boring story? is it interesting and such!
remmember: SKY IS THE LIMIT
so you can write about ANYTHING or CONDEMNED on anything regarding what you've read peeps! isn't it fun? :)

so GOOD LUCK my dear students

and by the way,
this won't benefit me AT ALL
this will help you to improve YOUR english!
hence, it is up to you than!

so at least by right this week, you should AT LEAST have one entry!
enjoy reading and reviewing peeps!


hello and hye everyone
*serious mode*
it's regarding your 10% online quizzes
it is as simple as this;
you need to answer 6 different quizzes and submit to me!
as simple as that.
but what makes it complicated is that there are duration for each quiz

QUIZ ONE: 13/6/2011 - 26/6/2011
QUIZ TWO: 27/6/2011 - 10/7/2011
QUIZ THREE: 11/7/2011 24/7/2011
QUIZ FOUR: 25/7/2011 - 7/8/2011
QUIZ FIVE: 8/8/2011 - 21/8/2011
QUIZ SIX: 22/8/2011 - 11/9/2011

you need to answer each quiz according to the duration!

go to i-learn 
than choose your code BEL120 BEL260 BEL311 
than click announcement
and look post that posted by  APB Materials Development Team
im sure you'll find those quizzes

how to submit?
you need to print your quizzes and submit it on 14th September 2011
you need to print screen and paste it on word.
one quiz, one page
therefore you'll have 6 different pages for this quiz!

this is before you start the quiz

this result will appear after you end your quiz
paste it on word
wait until you have answered those six quizzes than you submit to me

*don't forget to answer your ENTRANCE SURVEY as well!!


Grammar Presentations (BM1111B1)

group 1
topic: Pronouns
Masitah Binti Mohd Sahar
Nur Azira Zulkifli

group 2
topic: Verbs
Muhammad Izzat Nizam
Mohamad Amirul Asyraf

group 3
topic: Subject-Verb Agreement
Mohamad Aizat Bin Ahmad Zamal
Mohamed Nazim Khairi Bin Mohamed Khir
*a big applause to this group!i'm impressed! and this is the best example on how to present any kinds of presentation! CONGRATULATIONS to both of you :D*
i super LOVE the duck song!

group 4
topic: Adjectives
Nur Ahikin Azman
Nur Atiqah Zamrus Zaman

Group 5
topic: Adverbs
 Muhammad Naim Zulkifli
Mohammad Nazrin Shah Zakaria

Group 6
topic: Prepositions
Khairulanuar Abdul Rahman
Mohammad Haszriezol Hassim

Group 7
topic: Conjunctions
Nur Fatin Mohammad Ripin
Sabarina Mohd Basir

Group 8
topic: Simple Present Tense
Maizzatul Akmar Md Isa
Muhammad Nur Faisal Bin Rosdi

Group 9
topic: Simple Past Tense
Nur Atyrah Md Sokri
Nur Aziera Mohamad Asri

Group 10
topic: Simple Future Tense
Muhammad Jundullah Abu Hasan
Nur Farisya Shamsudin

Group 11
topic: Present Continuous Tense
Mohammad Fadhli Redzwan
Muhammad Izzat Kamarozaman

Group 12
topic: Past Continuous Tense
Nur Farah Alwani Nazri
Nur Amira Hijriah Mohamad Kassim

Group 13
topic: Past Continuous Tense
Muhammad Kovin Abdul Kohar
Muhammad Izzat Mohd Yunus

Group 14
topic: Future Continuous Tense
Mohamad Nazirul Asyraf Mohd Nazri
Mohammad Kuzli Mohd Khalid

Group 15
topic: Present Perfect Tense
Siti Aida Lani
Zhaimie Salim

Group 16
topic: Past Perfect Tense
Muhammad Iqbal Mohd Haniff

*good luck everyone! if u are not sure regarding the presentation, you are welcome to my office! make it as interesting as possible! MASTER your topic! make aizat and nazim's presentation as your guideline! GOOD LUCK everyone! :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

how to present?

Time duration: 30- 40 minutes for each group
Prepare :
power point slides show
Each group MUST prepare minimum twenty questions to be asked TO OTHER CLASSMATES after the presentation ( you can use online GAMES / QUIZZES from any reliable English websites)

 find extra information; presenter can’t depend 100% on the text book.       
       each group can meet the lecturer at least a day before the presentation for any consultation.     
                                you can use songs, you tube even games to make your presentation alive (you'll help your friends to remember better if you could make it interesting) 
Do not read the slides, but present it! Good luck             

Grammar Presentations (BM1111A1)

group 1
topic: Pronouns
Ain Nadhirah Binti Baddarulazam
Noramira Binti Affendi

group 2
topic: Verbs
Noor Ezue Binti Wahi
Norazura Binti Aris

group 3
topic: Subject-Verb Agreement
Muhammad Akhimullah bin Adnan
Ahmad Akmal Bin Ahmad Mirza

group 4
topic: Articles and Determiners
Muhammad Amirul Ridzuan bin Azman
Muhammad Aliff Imran bin Mazwin

group 5
topic: Adjectives
Muhammad Nurazfar b. Mohd Razip
Abdul Azreen b. Abdul Wahid
Muhammad Adib B. Suhaimi

group 6
topic: Adverbs
Noraishah Binti Zainal Abidin
Aina Syafiqah Bt Abdul Halim

group 7
topic: Prepositions
Alya Bt Khalid
Nik Anisah Binti Nik Mustapha

group 8
topic: Conjunctions
Siti Sarah Shahruddin
Nur Amira Syahira Binti Mustafha

group 9
topic: Simple Present Tense
Muhamad Aaron b. Maseri
Muhammad Azwan Faiz

group 10
topic: Simple Past Tense
Muhamad Ekhwan b. Edham Lutfe
Ahmed Danial B Abd Shukor

group 11
 topic: Simple Future Tense
Muhammad Ade Hazwan bin Muhammad Sidek
Muhammad Aliff bin Zainol Azalan

group 12
topic: Present Continuous Tense
Nooreen Sakinah binti Roslan
Amira Nurul Aaina Binti Abu Bakar

group 13
topic: Past Continuous Tense
Nor Izzati Binti Hasbollah
Ain Afreena Binti Azeman

group 14
topic: Future Continuous Tense
Aimi Mastura Binti Abdul Rahman
Akma Farhana Binti Ishak

group 15
topic: Present Perfect Tense
Nor Sakinah Binti Mohd Shaharul
Nur Elya Binti Mohd Zaine

group 16
topic: Past Perfect Tense
Nur Diyana Binti Mohd Fadzil
Norfarah Izzaty Binti Abdul Kodir

(every group MUST be prepared when your turn is come! no EXCUSES! each presentation is approximately about 30-40 minutes. therefore, one class (4 hours) there will be 3-4 or maybe 5 presentations! so be ready! for the next class(FRIDAY; 17/June/2011), maybe we are going to cover Pronouns until Adjectives! so, Good luck students)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

blogging is fun

dear students,
this is where you can give me ur link/ url of ur blogs

the new semester it is

the new semester has begun
a sign of a new beginning again
so here is where everything starts 
my dear students, lets us  start  again
with a smile,new spirit and a determination
each and everyone of  us will be better frm yesterday

welcome to all :)