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Monday, June 20, 2011

Grammar Presentations (BM1111B1)

group 1
topic: Pronouns
Masitah Binti Mohd Sahar
Nur Azira Zulkifli

group 2
topic: Verbs
Muhammad Izzat Nizam
Mohamad Amirul Asyraf

group 3
topic: Subject-Verb Agreement
Mohamad Aizat Bin Ahmad Zamal
Mohamed Nazim Khairi Bin Mohamed Khir
*a big applause to this group!i'm impressed! and this is the best example on how to present any kinds of presentation! CONGRATULATIONS to both of you :D*
i super LOVE the duck song!

group 4
topic: Adjectives
Nur Ahikin Azman
Nur Atiqah Zamrus Zaman

Group 5
topic: Adverbs
 Muhammad Naim Zulkifli
Mohammad Nazrin Shah Zakaria

Group 6
topic: Prepositions
Khairulanuar Abdul Rahman
Mohammad Haszriezol Hassim

Group 7
topic: Conjunctions
Nur Fatin Mohammad Ripin
Sabarina Mohd Basir

Group 8
topic: Simple Present Tense
Maizzatul Akmar Md Isa
Muhammad Nur Faisal Bin Rosdi

Group 9
topic: Simple Past Tense
Nur Atyrah Md Sokri
Nur Aziera Mohamad Asri

Group 10
topic: Simple Future Tense
Muhammad Jundullah Abu Hasan
Nur Farisya Shamsudin

Group 11
topic: Present Continuous Tense
Mohammad Fadhli Redzwan
Muhammad Izzat Kamarozaman

Group 12
topic: Past Continuous Tense
Nur Farah Alwani Nazri
Nur Amira Hijriah Mohamad Kassim

Group 13
topic: Past Continuous Tense
Muhammad Kovin Abdul Kohar
Muhammad Izzat Mohd Yunus

Group 14
topic: Future Continuous Tense
Mohamad Nazirul Asyraf Mohd Nazri
Mohammad Kuzli Mohd Khalid

Group 15
topic: Present Perfect Tense
Siti Aida Lani
Zhaimie Salim

Group 16
topic: Past Perfect Tense
Muhammad Iqbal Mohd Haniff

*good luck everyone! if u are not sure regarding the presentation, you are welcome to my office! make it as interesting as possible! MASTER your topic! make aizat and nazim's presentation as your guideline! GOOD LUCK everyone! :)


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