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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Final Topic for Academic Writing

my babies will soon come out with creative and informative writing for their project.
interested to know what will it be?
come and take a look at their topic peeps :)

*so students of AT1102D1, this is where you should post your FINAL topic of your A.W (Academic Writing)
let the world hears you! this is the time for you to make them aware that you are serious about this and will come out with an interesting topic 
maybe you can be a writer one day :) 
all the best for me my dear part 3 students

*DO update me with any changes!please post your topic ASAP :)



  1. AT110 is correct. but 2D1??
    does part have anything related with academic writing miss??

  2. naqiah: miss..we're touched yaw..miss rindu kitorg kan kan??miss u a lot :)