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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Grammar Presentations (BM1111A1)

group 1
topic: Pronouns
Ain Nadhirah Binti Baddarulazam
Noramira Binti Affendi

group 2
topic: Verbs
Noor Ezue Binti Wahi
Norazura Binti Aris

group 3
topic: Subject-Verb Agreement
Muhammad Akhimullah bin Adnan
Ahmad Akmal Bin Ahmad Mirza

group 4
topic: Articles and Determiners
Muhammad Amirul Ridzuan bin Azman
Muhammad Aliff Imran bin Mazwin

group 5
topic: Adjectives
Muhammad Nurazfar b. Mohd Razip
Abdul Azreen b. Abdul Wahid
Muhammad Adib B. Suhaimi

group 6
topic: Adverbs
Noraishah Binti Zainal Abidin
Aina Syafiqah Bt Abdul Halim

group 7
topic: Prepositions
Alya Bt Khalid
Nik Anisah Binti Nik Mustapha

group 8
topic: Conjunctions
Siti Sarah Shahruddin
Nur Amira Syahira Binti Mustafha

group 9
topic: Simple Present Tense
Muhamad Aaron b. Maseri
Muhammad Azwan Faiz

group 10
topic: Simple Past Tense
Muhamad Ekhwan b. Edham Lutfe
Ahmed Danial B Abd Shukor

group 11
 topic: Simple Future Tense
Muhammad Ade Hazwan bin Muhammad Sidek
Muhammad Aliff bin Zainol Azalan

group 12
topic: Present Continuous Tense
Nooreen Sakinah binti Roslan
Amira Nurul Aaina Binti Abu Bakar

group 13
topic: Past Continuous Tense
Nor Izzati Binti Hasbollah
Ain Afreena Binti Azeman

group 14
topic: Future Continuous Tense
Aimi Mastura Binti Abdul Rahman
Akma Farhana Binti Ishak

group 15
topic: Present Perfect Tense
Nor Sakinah Binti Mohd Shaharul
Nur Elya Binti Mohd Zaine

group 16
topic: Past Perfect Tense
Nur Diyana Binti Mohd Fadzil
Norfarah Izzaty Binti Abdul Kodir

(every group MUST be prepared when your turn is come! no EXCUSES! each presentation is approximately about 30-40 minutes. therefore, one class (4 hours) there will be 3-4 or maybe 5 presentations! so be ready! for the next class(FRIDAY; 17/June/2011), maybe we are going to cover Pronouns until Adjectives! so, Good luck students)


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