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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"The Road Not Taken" by my Hs students :)

since creativity is the only way for me to inject excitement in my lecture classes
(two classes in one cramp room!imagine that)
therefore i have made up my mind to make all of mass lecture classes to be as interesting as possible.

listening practice
read a poem and ask them to interpret the poem
think out of the box is the key
make it as unique as they could
"The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost
is not an alien poem to them, they had learnt it during their secondary school
plus i LOVE this poem!
(im the lecturer, i'll do the pick *evil laugh*)
it teaches me how to make decision in life!
so these are their creative and extraordinary products

(they need to vote as well to determine the winner,
so happy voting people)
*ps:u cannot vote your own group!!

how to vote?

i vote group 1: High Five because.... (at least one reason)

*kudos to them since they managed to finish the task lesser than one hour*

Group 1:High Five

Group 2: Ghost Buster

Group 3: Kitty

Group 4: Cencorot Team

Group 5: No Name

Group 6: Unknown

Group 7: Destiny

Group 8: The Boss

Group 9: Pilahdelphia

*clap2 from me*


  1. I vote for detiny.. *evil laugh*
    hahahaha.. :))
    the drawing was very cute... nice one yaw!!!

  2. i vote group 9: Pilahdelphia because Am is one of my bff.hahah..SORRY SALAM :) ~naqie~

  3. hahaha... sampai aty ko naqie... aish.. :((

  4. salam, u cant vote for ur own group pict larrr...aigoooo
    miss, i vote 4 kitty picture ^^
    no!im not one of that team member~~
    kiddo,i vote 4 pilahdelphia...its simple...n remind me of me...fufufufuufu

  5. vote for the cute kitty's short comic ,
    heee (:

  6. owh thnks for the voting! u have one more day left before i announce the winner :)

    **salam, u cannot vote for ur own group! -,-'

  7. I vote group 5,no name because it colourful and impress me

  8. Vote for Cencorot team.... Because I can't vote for myself....