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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Line

My line carries 10% of your mark!!
someone asked if this is important or not
my answer: if you don't need that 10%, this is not important! but if you do, this is very important for you! and yes, it is COMPULSORY for each and every one of you
 date line: the 10th week (20th March 2011)

how to complete this assignment?
first log in to the website

*username: UiTM2010_ _ _ _ _ _
password: ic number

than once after u log-in,look for ELSP tab 
where you can see different universities' name

*choose which ever universities that you like
scroll down until u see this:

choose number 9 (quiz/test/evaluation)
they are 3 different practices
e.g: i choose relative pronouns quiz

answer ALL questions.
than, the score will pop-up

print screen the answer
(please don't tell me, you don't know how to print screen!google or ask your friend!!)

and write the url as well (as a prove)
try to do as many exercises as you can, from different universities


practice makes perfect! :D
minimum: 20 exercises

however, there are number of students who cannot access MyLine,
therefore you can go to any online exercises and try to complete as many exercises as you can!
these are some of the recommended website that you can visit and try out their exercises

there are so many website you can go to
however, these are my favorite
you can even use these exercises in your presentation!

HAVE FUN my dear students!!


  1. miss...~
    do i need 2 do dis..??

  2. owh gee..sori2 this is only for semester 2 students :)

  3. Miss, by 20 exercise, do you mean 20 question or 20 set of exercises containing many questions?

  4. hmm..~ yea..~ im fully aware that im not 1 of them..~ T.T