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Sunday, April 24, 2011

my dear students

my dear students
this is the end of the semester 
but this is not a good bye yet
im sure there are more to come
we've shared so many laughter, tears, smile and even anger together
in this short period of time.
each and every lesson meant something to me
ive learned a lot from each and everyone of you
for that, i would like to thanks you
each of u has touched my heart in different ways
but it'll remaine there as long as i could possibly keep

and tomorrow is the day,
the day for you to prove to me,
what ive taught you all this long hours
this is the time for me to see
the big smile from you when you leave the exam hall
the smile of satisfaction
the smile that tells me that u've tried your very best!
a single smile that is more than enough for me
im not looking for gud grades, but the effort u put in to score it
which im sure, u'll try your very best!
this is the only time!
break your legs peeps!! :)

so, all the best my dear students
do the best!
make me proud 
you are my students!
i'm sure you can do it!
it's not mark that i aim for, but the 100% effort from you
:) my dear students, you are the best! so be and act like one :)

thank you so much for leaving me with wonderful memories
thnks for being the best studnts that any lecturer can ever ask for!
i forgive all the datng lmbat, or tak hantar asignmnts/hntar lmbat, dan termasuk juga tido dalam kelas :) even dapat gule2, begitu juge ketika kmu degil dan menaikkan darah saya,  tak terkecuali juga presentation yg nth macam ape2 entah tu tetapi congratulations atas usaha yg tinggi itu~, dan time2 sume senyap xdapat jawap soalan. i forgive all of that
n i am praying for all of you! praying hard!
and sorry if i've done anything wrong (im sure there are plenty) 
deep inside i want you to be a better you!

n i want to see ALL OF YOU to speak english proudly in front of other people
n for you to be nothing but the VERY BEST

*assalammualaikum students ku :)
<3 xoxo


  1. assalamualaikum..
    i will try my best..! ^^
    the only i need is bless... =)

  2. my bless is always with u gee :)

  3. thank you miss emy...
    ur bless do make me happy... ^^